Welcome to paradise!

Here on Jackfruit Island, your diet fantasies are reality.

You can eat whatever you want regardless of pesky science and reach your outlandish health goals based off of…well, I’m actually not sure what people are basing these things off of. No matter…back to the fantasy. Take one pill daily and you’re cured! Cured of what? Well friend, whatever it is that ails you. All you have to do is eliminate an entire food group. Let’s say…vegetables. Yes, completely stop eating all vegetables, eat only birthday cake, never move a muscle, but take this pill that I will sell you now and you’ll fit into that bikini by Christmas! *This is paradise, it’s warm year round*

Did I just make up the birthday cake diet and a land mass? As far as I know, yes. After a quick google of “jackfruit island” a YouTube video came up about someone following a “mono diet” of, drumroll…only jackfruit and I want to thank this Tuber for giving the perfect opportunity to segway (not segue, I’m typing at my segway desk) into what this blog is about. The intent is to slowly slip into the noise created by fad diets to promote basic balanced intake choices. The individual eating all of that jackfruit was “detoxing” after eating garbage around the holidays. While their intent seemed logical to them, “detoxing” has always baffled me as a concept. Why not avoid “toxing” it up in the first place? There’s no need to 100% restrict most foods. Just like there is no benefit to depriving your body of essential nutrients by excluding entire food groups. Variety is great! Bottom line, you aren’t doing yourself any favors by shooting wheatgrass after a night of binge drinking. It doesn’t make up for it. You ARE doing yourself a favor by skipping the binge part and opting for moderately consuming alcohol in the recommended amount. I can’t support a diet of just fruit for any period of time and I can’t support the notion of “detoxing” to make up for overdoing it on something. No hard feelings to the mono diet man, being conscious of your health is a gift and I’m happy you have that. There is just so much misguided health information available to us and it terrifies ME.

ME – human with human parts that would benefit from a totally boring basic balanced diet

ME – dietitian that experiences moments of shock at the lack of available/attainable basic nutrition information for the general population and at the onslaught of available/attainable wacky nutrition information for the general population

ME – citizen of the world that wants to carry around a megaphone to every grocery store and loudly offer friendly suggestions to shoppers

Realizing now that I googled jackfruit island but not birthday cake diet. Let’s see. That wasn’t as fun as I thought it would be. It was a bunch of “healthy” cake recipes. I’m truly amazed that there wasn’t a self-help book titled “I Ate Birthday Cake for 3 Months and Lost All My Baby Weight! So Can You!” Nothing would surprise at this point.

Let’s all take a collective deep breath, simplify this a little, and sift through some of these nutrition nightmares that I have. One at a time.


A stands for Abigail


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